Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn the highest commission percentage?

All new affiliates start with level 1 that offers 30% commissions on sale. You can move up the levels to 2 & 3 and earn 40% & 50% commission on sales respectively.

If you are an experienced affiliate and can send 20 or more sales per day to our offers then we can make you a super affiliate & set you on a separate commission level.

How soon money gets credited in our account?

It depends on the type of transaction. Commissions for prepaid orders done through credit card, debit cards or netbanking are approved within 24 hours. If it is a Cash on Delivery Order then commission is approved only after successful delivery of the order.

Also commissions will be released after 30 days period has passed so that no refund requests for that order are generated.

How will you compensate me for the sales I have generated?

We compensate you in INR (Indian Rupees) credited directly into your bank account once every 30 days through wire transfer or cheque.

Which products can I promote?

You can promote any product that is displayed on this page

How much does it costs to become an healndeal affiliate?

It costs nothing. In fact all new affiliates are paid a sign up bonus of Rs 500!

How much I can earn via the HealnDeal affiliate program?

You can earn as much as you want while promoting offers are There is no limit. A start up affiliate who is generating only 1 order per day can earn upto Rs 20,000 – Rs 30,000 per month.

Commission percentage and level of income can vary from product to product. Refer to specific product offers for more details.

How will you help me succeed online?

We provide you every kind of support you need in order to succeed online. Right from giving you a profitable product to promote, free banners & links to promote to one on one discussions with affiliate managers. We are always there to help you succeed online.

How do I track my sales and commissions?

Once you login then inside your affiliate home page you will see all kinds of stats including how many sales are generated with your links, how many are pending/approved and when if you next commission date and amount.

What kind of marketing materials do you provide?

For now we provide you banners in various sizes, email links and static links.

Why do you need my Pan Card details?

We need your pan card details only for tax purposes.

Is TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) applicable on my earnings?

Yes. TDS @ 10% is applicable on your commissions. The same will be deducted while paying out commissions.


Earnings Disclaimers:

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